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8/10/2021 Press Release

Garrett Lekander of Henkels & McCoy Receives MEA Life Sustaining Award

MEA Energy Association (MEA) is honored to present Garrett Lekander, laborer, of Henkels & McCoy, with a Life Sustaining Award for saving a person’s life.

Garrett Lekander was traveling from a job site on the afternoon of Saturday, November 21, 2020 when he saw a house on fire. He knocked on the door and saw that an elderly woman was in the house and wouldn’t open the door. He made his way into the house and told the homeowner that she needed to get out. She didn’t want to leave her house, so Garrett carried her out. The house was destroyed, and the landowner lost everything in the fire. His action almost certainly saved her from severe injury or being consumed in the fire.
 “It is a privilege to bestow this Life Sustaining Award to Garrett,” said John Gann, MEA senior vice president. “These awards serve to highlight the outstanding individuals in the energy industry who rise up when called and make a difference when presented with the opportunity to do so.”

Henkels & McCoy Inc. is based out of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania and have been members of MEA since 1997.

MEA Life Sustaining Awards are presented to individuals from member companies who have saved the life of another. The Meritorious Service Award is granted to recognize those who have performed actions in the service of another that are considered above and beyond. Applications for the MEA Life Sustaining and Meritorious Service Award are reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee of MEA’s Board of Directors. Read about all MEA awards at

For questions contact John Gann, johng (at) MEAenergy (dot) org, or (651) 289-9600 x105.