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6/22/2021 Press Release

Two SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company Employees Receive the 2021 MEA Life Sustaining Award

MEA Energy Association (MEA) is honored to bestow Life Sustaining Awards to Doug Schrotenboer, gas distribution mechanic and Darryn Boetsma, gas distribution mechanic, both of SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company, headquartered in Port Huron, Michigan and MEA member since 1960.

After investigating and repairing a small non-hazardous leak, Schrotenboer felt it important to investigate the homes on the opposite side of the road to ensure there was no other possible leak in the area. Schrotenboer and Boetsma noticed a furnace running and Boetsma checked the furnace exhaust. Initial reads from the exhaust vent were above 2,000 PPM CO and 6% Natural Gas. Schrotenboer knew they needed to check the house and the residents. The team knocked on the door and assisted the resident and her two dogs out of the building. While outside they noticed that the woman had a grayish/white complexion and she explained that she had not left the house for several days. The team notified their supervisor and requested a call to 911.

The resident was transported to the hospital and admitted and treated for CO poisoning. The first responders indicated that she would have had serious complications had she been in the home much longer. Later, Schrotenboer and Boetsma were dispatched to the home to reestablish gas service. The resident could not resist giving Schrotenboer a hug for saving both her life and that of her two dogs.

“MEA is honored to present Doug and Darryn the Life Sustaining Award,” said John Gann, MEA Vice President. “We are extremely grateful to these outstanding individuals who took quick action to save the life of a stranger. Their actions are a testament to who these individuals are and to the training they receive as SEMCO employees.”

MEA Life Sustaining Awards are presented to individuals from member companies who have saved the life of another. The Meritorious Service Award is granted to recognize those who have performed actions in the service of another that are considered above and beyond. Applications for the MEA Life Sustaining and Meritorious Service Award are reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee of MEA’s Board of Directors. Read about all MEA awards at

For questions contact John Gann, johng (at) MEAenergy (dot) org, or (651) 289-9600 x105.